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Jose “JP” Ponce

AboutJose “JP” Ponce

Jose “JP” Ponce’s experience with real estate goes back to his high school days, when he secured a summer job in a residential real estate office in the San Diego area. It was also at this time when JP got his introduction to marketing, creating advertisements for local businesses so they could be featured in the school newspaper.

JP became further immersed in marketing as a college student, at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he was employed part-time for the school’s ID card office. He designed marketing materials, including newspaper advertisements and booklets, which reached thousands of fellow students, faculty and staff.

After graduating with a Geography degree, JP worked in marketing for a commercial real estate firm in Los Angeles. JP’s college education was well suited for the position, helpful with becoming intimately familiar with LA’s neighborhoods, allowing for the creation of high-quality collateral for the agents on the team. He also spearheaded digital marketing efforts, bringing in countless leads from owners interested in the on-loading and off-loading of commercial properties in Southern California.

Having a few years of marketing experience under his belt, JP leveraged his skillset by freelancing, including for high-end furniture and glass manufacturers based in Italy, Germany, USA and Canada. He refined his administration and operations skills at an entertainment company in Beverly Hills / West Hollywood, being one of the first employees and being partially responsible for over $20 million in sales.

In his newest role, at The Nöel & Miller Team, JP will use his knowledge base and vocational experience to meet and exceed the high marketing standards at the firm. It seems fitting that, at The Noël & Miller TEAM, he will bring his team mindset and positive attitude, traits that he has possessed from the outset of his career.

During his spare time, JP enjoys running, trying new restaurants, creating websites, and trivia.

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